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I am so enthused about my new pump. I was ready to quit pumping because I was tied to the wall with my Medela pump. I spent alot of money on a Willow pump, and I got less then half the milk I should of been getting plus they were very very uncomfortable. I was ready to quit. Then I decided to try iAPOY pump. I feel like they have given me my life back again. I'm getting more milk then with my Medela. They are very comfortable, and I can take care of my children and daily task while I pump. Customer service is amazing. I would recommend iAPOY pump to anyone.

Tamara Holdeman

I received my pump on the 3th, and im already in love with it. I've tried the elvie,ameda mya, bellababy, baby Buddha, and medela advanced... i dislike all of them. I finally find the right pump for me and affordable. If you are exclusively pumping and want peace of mind, grab one now. And customer service Is really good.

Martine Louis

I spend approximately 8 hours a day pumping, so I needed a portable hands-free pump so I can actually get things done. This little pump was better than I expected. The suction is quite gentle which is great for me and it's much lighter and quieter than I expected. Highly recommend this amazing little pump and the customer service is amazing


Ladies, I’ve been on the hunt for something like this forever! I was shopping for the Elvie Pump, BUT for over $400 I just couldn’t come to grips with buying it, I came across this and I figured I’d give it a try and I MUST say this little thing is AMAZING! I don’t like electric pumps because I feel like they never do what baby does, this one topped the charts! It has AWESOME SUCTION, it was worth every penny spent! I definitely recommend this pump to any mom looking for a wearable pump, especially a busy mom like myself.

Samantha Fox